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iTunes on ANDROID?! iSyncr

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Sync ITunes with Samsung [WIFI or USB]

Video to show how to transfer your playlist from ITunes to your Android device. You can go from Android to ITunes as well. SYNC BACK AND FORTH! Can use ...

iSyncr for iTunes to Android

Justin describes syncing iTunes to Android with iSyncr. Updated version 5.0. Sync iTunes to Android over WiFi or USB. Sync iTunes playlists, artists, albums, ...

iTunes To Android Using iSyncr iSyncr is an iTunes for Android app, explained here.

iTunes to Android with iSyncr USB Syncing

Steps 1 - 8 on how to sync iTunes to Android over a USB connection with iSyncr.

iSyncr WiFi - Android App Review - Lane reviews iSyncr WiFi. This app lets you sync your Android device with iTunes over a WiFi connection.

iSyncr Wifi Music Transfer for Android from itunes

Wireless music transfer options on Android - Direct iTunes competitor.

Tutorial: Sync iTunes & Android Smartphone/Tablet (Mac & PC - MTP/WiFi)

In this tutorial I'll show you how to synchronize your iTunes library with your Android Smartphone or Tablet via MTP and WiFi ---------------- iSyncr for Mac: ...

iSyncr for iTunes - APK Review

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iSyncr for iTunes to Android Windows 7, Windows 10 Firewall

Connect iSyncr Desktop through your PC's firewall. Mac also available here:

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